Polyhedral Mesh to Solid AutoCAD Plugin

Polyhedral Mesh to Solid for AutoCAD is for difficult Mesh or Polyface Mesh which won’t convert to 3D Solids because of self-intersecting faces, gaps, holes or a host of other errors that can occur in a Mesh.
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Mesh Importer For AutoCAD

This importer reads polygon mesh data stored in mesh files and imports the model into AutoCAD.
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3D Software Solutions

CodeDog develops high-quality cutting edge 3D software solutions for the Computer Aided Design industry. Our products specialize in CAD packages such as AutoCAD (including verticals), ProStructures, Navisworks and 3DS max or stand-alone packages built on OpenGL that push the envelope of high performance computing by utilizing the immense computational power of modern day graphics processors.

We pride ourselves on high-quality 3D CAD products that can be deployed rapidly, require minimal resources to implement and provide a quick return on investment to companies of any size in the design, engineering and manufacturing industries.

We are an industry-experienced Autodesk Authorized Developer with extensive experience developing 3D Mesh Repair applications for engineering industries.

We can also customise our software to meet your needs


CodeDog is an Autodesk Authorized Devloper

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What Our Customers are Saying

As an engineering company specialized in the design of process plants, we normally work and integrate huge models of metal structures. The plugin for AutoCAD “PolyhedralMeshtoSolid” from CodeDog Pty. Ltd. 3D Software Solutions (Australia), has been very useful for converting large amounts of polyface meshes present in the above designs in native AutoCAD 3D solids accurately and quick. Task necessary to achieve work efficiently with our design software.
The after sales service and support is excellent and fast.

Federico Hinestrosa Upegui

Ingeniería Avanzada Consultores S.A.S.

Simple and efficient, quick and effective, Surface to Solid. I appreciate the way software was developed, it is helping us a lot. JayRaj Lukose

Manager – CSA, L&T Technology Services Limited

Mesh Importer For AutoCAD is an excellent solution for importing .OBJ files into AutoCAD®.  Easily installed within the AutoCAD interface, it provides an effective solution for importing files created with Autodesk® RecapTM 360. John Cooke

Engineering & Survey Technology Coordinator, CivilTraining, LLC

I use Polyhedral Mesh to Solid as an integral part of my work in AutoCAD. Excellent product. Great product support.
Searched everywhere for a plugin to do this. CodeDog provides a great Object Import plugin for a reasonable price. Great Value, great support. Fred Bunting

Technical Director, Next Star 2013 / Tricon